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te quiero mucho 'ma, te quiero mucho

It's not la hueva that kicks in
that makes me feel heavy--
                                 from my forehead
                                 to my belly button

blood is thicker than water
and though my heart yearns for you
my stomach churns

¿porque no vienes a visitar me?

I'm never able to tell you:

because I don't want to stay there long
because when I go I feel like I have to stay there forever
and all I've ever wanted to do is leave

I tell you to come with me
why don't you leave
your home behind

come and use that money,
and buy a place close to me,
come to me

but you won't come

you say your house is worth more
then what the brokers want to pay
you say you don't want a condominium
you will feel boxed in

you love your garden and your flowers and the roses and the mamey canopy and your lapiz lazuli stair rails and your black iron gate and your dried grapevines and I love them too and I love you
pero duele

duele ir a visitarte
sabiendo que,
que estas sola

55th and Pulaski

I almost hit a school girl while turning east her jean-clad legs and hi-top tenis continued forward in their determined, relaxed, pace
We saw each other through my car door window--                                                                  the air blew her dark brown hair into a swirl                                                                  her chest, she held high                                                                  her hands rested in her navy jacket pockets
I remember stepping into a pair yellow thin lines in the middle of 79th street, just west of Pulaski Road. The car-pierced air threatened to push me into the car lane
the air pushed me forward but then jerked me back
but i loved it
i loved it.