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We fly

handshakes in forms of wings

conveying hope in the everyday

our language isn't broken phrases

but limbs of speed

holding each other up

from the grounds

mud deep in caged parks

It's me

hiding from myself as a guilty compromise

though really

i'm a chicken-shit,

and i make you feel guilty about it

The ghosts won't fade

when in my minds box
darkness is my illuminator
and you are the one that can see from outside
limbs in limbo
over the hyphen bridge, the    thin     gap     road
to my assimilated mind
floating and afraid of heights
come back to me
bring me back

I've had stomach problems since I was five

living in the land of opportunity
gets you fat
either you get indigestion or you
slowly lose your taste
and everything becomes bland
which is ok
until you eat spice and curse the cook out

acid builds     bubbles    and pops