The early night of January 17

We were downtown, my grandmother and I, when I saw large flocks of birds from different species flying North. I turned from looking East to looking directly above me: a grey concrete disk combusted and turned into a huge fireball falling quickly in my direction. Once it came closer, the fireball disk started to disintegrate and huge chunks flew in all directions around me. That's when I yelled for my grandmother who was still standing East of me, about two concrete slates of sidewalk from me. I turned West and ran to an open black jeep (very similar to the ones in Jurrasic Park) and told my young brother, who was seated and buckled in the car,  to make sure our other two younger brothers had their seatbelts on. My grandmother, now my passenger, was also putting on her seatbelt.
The road was crowded with people trying to get to the expressway. "I'll just take the streets", I thought to myself. While everyone on the road drove North-East, I drove West. I was now on a road that had ivy-covered concrete walls and the road curved to the right and then, for a moment, I felt we were stuck. I got out of the car and when I closed the car door, I was parked on a grass hill. In front of me, I saw a home with a playground. That house was on a lower grass hill.I turned my head towards the home that was on the hill on which I was parked. It was a large family home. It looked like it had two floors and an attic. It also had a brick chimney.  We all walked in. The first floor was a small living room- a cloth couch behind a wood coffee table and tube TV. My grandmother tried to turn on the television while I looked around the kitchen counters, looking for something quick to eat. The air was thick in dust but the dust particles were only in the air. None of the furniture or kitchen wear had dust.  "We really need to get out of here before the owners come and see us here", I thought to myself. I hurried my grandmother right when she turned the television on with the remote control. I saw a white man in a black suit with a floating square image of something about the weather. The volume was not up. "Let's go", I said to her. Then, I woke up.

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