Mis Tanka's


Walking with a friend
down the alley where we met-
it’s a pebble street.
Reminds us of Mexico,
a place we used to call home.

Pounding and drilling
to build this new building where
you can view the lake
if you can afford it.

For lunch I had toast
with some tune and veggies
but it got soggy.
It was very messy
but it tasted very good.

I was so wrapped up
in figuring out the best
way to eat my toast
when I looked up I felt like
the world slapped me awake.

Latin street food to
go- as if that wasn't what
it already is
when cooked at home then sold by
uncles on their painted carts.

children dance to a
jig tune played by the elder
womans shamisen
at the washington platform
waiting for the train to come.

((Tanka: A Japanese form of five lines with 5, 7, 5, 7, and 7 syllables—31 in all

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