The Children of the Home

The wall is yellow with spots of lines made by a pencil
The orange wall across from it is filled with swirls of red and green color
She sits on brown steps in-between these walls
Concentrating on the images and the words of a song she plays and repeats on a phone.

The kids laugh and play along
One on the drums another la-la-ing words from a song
The father plays scales on his bass and plays excerpts of the kids favorite songs
Everyone is full of joy 
It’s comforting to live in this moment, 
There are no worries
The afternoon storm has passed this home.

“Pizza time! Pizza time!” the son yells to all who come through the door.
“It has cheese and spinach and pepperoni” then says no more.
The TV is loudly playing a show.
“Teen Titans GO!”, he yells, singing along to the words of the theme song
He sits quietly, enjoying his food 
So transfixed is he, 

That he doesn’t notice some pieces food has fallen to floor.


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