Back when it was all so simple
No need to think
No need to explain
Why things and places change
Why people act nice and mean and strange
Playing hide and seek and being touched
Long limbs pulling you from the dark
Monsters in closets and under beds
Words heard from all around you repeating in your head
You wouldn't understand
Your just a kid
You'll get it once you get big
Back when it was all so simple
The goal was to see how far you can go
On a swing
On the track
Away from the smack
-ing of lips and tongues defining your mistakes as forever lasting.
Shit changes
You change
Back in the day when it was all so simple
You moved far north and came back down whenever you could but transportation wasn't as simple in your neck of the woods
The lengths you had to go to move from the fingers reach 
We would talk about those days
And how it all used be simple
We'd laugh it off until tears poured from our eyes
I found out you passed Saturday at  6 am
Getting up that early was never simple.  I struggled to wake knowing you must've struggled to give in to go to a place where things simply are.


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