what is this
this this
this speed
my need
to please
to yell
to scream
to ruin the moments around me
this adrenaline is not helpful
its not useful
its not hopeful
its anger
its disaster
its chaos
its rapture
the end
to bend
the trend
of peace
and happiness
to feel
to pee
how I damn well please
to shit shit
in the streets
at night
when no one is around
when everyone is sleeping in
i will toss their tin-
and pull their bows
not for heroes
nor for hoes
just so i can piss and shit any damn way i please
the energy is flying
its dying
its leaving me
and i am left
with all these foul discrepancies
that drift out to sea
and im suppose to float on this boat
amoungst shit i built on my own
expecting for you to understand
for you to comprehend
for you to save me
while i toss your tinsel
and pull your pants
and trip you up
when you walk up the steps
who the fuck am i
to do this shit to you
in front of you
who the fuck do i think i am
im righteous
im mighty mighty underpants
full of public balls
for caffeine to play with
for thougthts to mess with
for dilirium to fuck with
a dios
a dios le doi mi soul
to help control
these impulses
that make my hands sweat


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