Riding the tracks

1. Kids don’t walk the fine lines
They blur through them
To a level misunderstood
Where some reach an edge
Where elders deem stupid
Because they’ve lost the scope
To view the glow

2. Remember that first time
When you had me shine
That exhilaration of riding the line
The blue that awesome night
When happiness was validated
Because it was shared between us
I and you have grown
And learned from our joys

3. God
Do you’ve any idea how much I feel
For you?
My life is half full
Because of you.
I can not breath
Due to you.
Is there a word to describe what I feel
For you?
My chest aches when I think of you
Hyperventilating, my hands search the cool ground
For you

I lay here confused in my head
Thinking over
what was just said,
Interpretations stop me dead

4. Shall I shut the blinds so you can admire
All the lines and cracks and pores
Of my home
I do, too long to admire
To gaze
At staring eyes
And lids and lips
Nostrils and nails

Speckled, brown, trousers
Striped, blue, gray, gloves
Black pea coat and curly waves, sleeping lazily on your shoulders
Knitted, blood red scarf
Black leather bag with beige threading and worn out corners
I see the way you hold your arm so close like an injured wing
Damen is next
You stand and walk past me



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