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notes to myself

words are breadcrumbs to a life and mind
i try to comprehend,
moments that
i can't quite understand,
the insides i try to translate.
These are my rough drafts.

Nine Years in silence

Treating me like a princess-
I've never been treated like that before.
I don't know what a princess would demand
Does she have any demands at all?
I ask for you to do things and you get them done
but today was very different,
you have had enough.

why of all the days did i decide
to ask you to do this
to make you believe it had to be done.
when it came to the close,
X  was pressed twice,
the screen blanked out
then you started to explode
all i hear you repeat is 'quiet' 'be quiet' 'just shut up'
lucky am i for not being another person for this is truly not
an explosion, i am told
lucky am i for having your love or i'd have been thrown to the curb

Nothing seemed different from other past  requests
I was confused, dumbfounded, unsure of myself
why of all the days did you pick today
why could you not tell me this those times that I asked
your only demand is for my silence- well deserved
you lived in silence, you breathed in silence then i came in and ne…