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Yellow Notebook #4

filled with air floating within
never feeling despair
everything tumbles-
some get picked up and some get up.
i used to gaze at my shoes, now i dream of the sky
you are the shooting star that ignited my life.
the lonesome piano keys
the distorted strumming, hollow beating
the sun lighting
where is our thrill?
words twisted and re-formed to suspicion
fearful of thoughts fed by thy own
frustration seeping through
hatred swallowing the burst
the crier suppressing the dreams.
empty streams, dry and disapeer
our breath becomes the waves
hands touching air
feeling thoughts unspoken
dry, moist

Yellow Notebook #3

my monkey, my child
i've heard you
beside my gut and my tripe
beneath my heart, engulfed by my soul
did you take something given to you?
unwilling, unknown
may i have a piece back?
may i wish for it?
would it cause emptiness?
i'm empty
my dreams are empty space
a void so fulfilling i wish not to return
does this cause alarm?
my darling, my love
as you grow you leave me
may i go?
may i leave?

Yellow Notebook #2

pitter, patter
pitter, patter
help me discover
what are your stars
what are your thoughts
what is that sound
your heart, your lung
do you see the movement
the ticking of time
every time i try to feel free
are your actions based on mine?

Yellow Notebook #1

On my fingers, on its tips
can it disguise me?
can it engulf the identity that I no longer be?
it feels safe and warm
but i see vast fields, i wish not to go
i want to turn, retrace my steps
but where did the road go?
did it ever lead anywhere?
did it mean
a pit-stop, a chill?
i miss its vibration against the inside of my skin
the spell it cast of never-ending unknown
my learning, not yours