Pregnancy. Hot damn.

#2012 what not to eat
Blue cheese
Queso blanco
Queso fresco
Unpasteurized milk or juice or eggs
Raw fish like sushi
Cookie dough but ice cream ok :)
No Homemade: Caeser, Béarnaise, Hollandaise, Mayonnaise, desserts with raw Unpasteurized eggs
Frozen Pre-stuffed turkey *yuck*
Swordfish, tilefish, king mackeral, and shark (safely eat 12oz a week of: catfish, salmon, cod, canned tuna. 6oz of albacore (white) tuna)
Deli meats and cold hotdogs
Meat spreads: pâtés
Smoked seafood, raw shellfish, oysters, clams, and mussels (cooked should be opened), fish from local waters
Scrub fruits and veggies
Raw sprouts: alfalfa, clover, and radish
no soda, coffee, tea, chocolate, energy drinks


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