June 18, 2012

I was on top of the stairs, stairs covered in nice, tight, beige-brown color. A flat screen tv was on the wall to my left. It was showing how she was told by another nurse to not forget a meeting. She went to the meeting and that nurse was at the head of the table. There were four more nurses there. Two on each side. My mom had the end of the table. The head nurse, Regina?, said something that made someone else say if it weren't for my mom, she wouldn't be there. A pregnant nurse, on my moms left side, stood up. She explained that my mom was able to talk to her baby. My mom then stands up, goes behind the nurse, and wraps her arms around the belly. The belly gave off an orange glow and she said "It's happy." 

A little boy in a dark, denim suit is going up the stairs next to me. I asked a young couple close behind him if that was their son. They said no. Then, a small crowd of people were coming up the stairs. In the front, there was a guy in a gray T-shirt,  jeans, sunglasses, and cornrows. He was facing down, talking to someone and when he turned, I knew it was Big Red. I got up with the baby in my arms and went up a couple steps to walk to an office, my office. I shared it with Jessie but Josie was there making something with couscous. She told me about Jessie changing the floor to her new apartment. A flash of the actress playing my mom and she was on Jessies kitchen floor. She was talking about replacing mostly the tile in front of the sink. When a voice told her, you are better than this, in a whisper. My actress mom  trembled, as if she was tortured from these words. She arranged bottles of detergent in a wagon and then hid in-between them. I couldnt find the time on the tv screen. Josie pointed out Jessie was at home. I looked up. Instead of a ceiling, I saw a dark sky filled with specks of stars. There was a long building on my right with unpainted wooden stairs. It was the back of the building. Somehow I saw or realized it was 10pm. I went for the car keys. I was in an empty lot. I got in the car, navy blue, and drove to Jessie's.


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