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Becausetheyareabunchofpeoplewithgreed,theforeverfightformore andnotenjoyingthefortunealreadyathand. Thelujossoundingthem. Thetruefriends. Theviciouscyclethedevilenjoys fromhisundergoneLAIR.

M. V.

ofemptiness.Nowords, just
expressing expres-
sion.Thefeelofwarmth from your
skin, softens me next you.


It'sjustoneofthosethingsIthoughttoenjoylongenoughwithoutgivingnothinginreturn.ItwasfunnyandIamverygladmysubconsciousledtheway.It's somethinginyou,guidingyou,towhoyouarenow.Thinkbacktothesorrymanhebecomes. Samegame. Nodepth. Pitiful.

Pregnancy. Hot damn.

#2012whatnottoeat Brie Camembert Feta Bluecheese Quesoblanco Quesofresco Panela Unpasteurizedmilkorjuiceoreggs Rawfishlikesushi Cookiedoughbuticecreamok:) NoHomemade:Caeser,BĂ©arnaise,Hollandaise,Mayonnaise,dessertswithrawUnpasteurizedeggs FrozenPre-stuffedturkey*yuck* Swordfish,tilefish,kingmackeral,andshark(safelyeat12ozaweekof:catfish,salmon,cod,cannedtuna.6ozofalbacore(white)tuna) Delimeats<

The tree of knowledge

Maybethat'stheoriginalsin.Wecreateprosperityforourchildrenbuttheydemandmoreorknowofmore.Whattheyhave, becomesaminimum.Lookatthe50'sbabyboomers.Thehippies. The eighties.Thecomputers. Thecells.Theself-parkcars.Theelectriccaristheclosesttousingknowledgeforthebetter.Well,therearelotsofthembuttheelectriccaris my favorite.


June 18, 2012
I was on top of the stairs, stairs covered in nice, tight, beige-brown color. A flat screen tv was on the wall to my left. It was showing how she was told by another nurse to not forget a meeting. She went to the meeting and that nurse was at the head of the table. There were four more nurses there. Two on each side. My mom had the end of the table. The head nurse, Regina?, said something that made someone else say if it weren't for my mom, she wouldn't be there. A pregnant nurse, on my moms left side, stood up. She explained that my mom was able to talk to her baby. My mom then stands up, goes behind the nurse, and wraps her arms around the belly. The belly gave off an orange glow and she said "It's happy." 
A little boy in a dark, denim suit is going up the stairs next to me. I asked a young couple close behind him if that was their son. They said no. Then, a small crowd of people were coming up the stairs. In the front, there was a guy in a gray…


fast pitter-patter of children's feet
running across the room.
the shuffling under a tight, metal, bed mattress
that did second duty as a couch.
"are you in?", asked a girl with long straight hair, with eyes that have seen too much for her age.
"i'm in", said a boy with ashy brown hair, eyes as green as the sea.
"now, teach me how to whistle and i'll teach you how to pop your gum."

a creak across the floor, someone else has now entered the home. the footsteps were heard in the kitchen, an extension of the living room. the steps were coming closer.
"sshh", said the sister.
the brother nodded his head and kept as quiet as possible.
but they both couldn't help but scream when the owner of the steps now had his hands wrapped around their ankles and yanked them out from under the bed.
"I hope you were cleaning under the bed", said the man with golden skin, eyes as dark as his voice.
he let go of their ankles and signaled…

duck duck goose

i don't think there can ever be a coincidence
when past meets present
its a deliberate search and find,
its six degrees of separation.
it places
and things
in a meticulous order that goes in an infinite circle.
and we're back in the beginning again.
is that what we are doing? becoming more advanced to be led into a wild loop chase.

Dear God,

if we are stuck with the original sin, then why aren't the Jewish people stuck with the original forgiveness given to Abraham and his people? Why are certain things stuck for generations?

about you (2011)

Oh you, who squeaks in the night
You, who pushes out of the ribs
the luck, the yearning of freedom
of the belief of sight and sound

Kids, an ongoing post

#1. try not to take them to 'adult' parties
#2. don't take them to wash clothes really late at night and wonder why they keep whining
#3. teach them to dance
#4. I may not agree that he is not ready but, I will be supportive until he is

Atacertainage you wanttopushboundaries.Itmight be donesubconsciously;it'ssomethingthat'sexhilaratinganddangerous.But,therearethingsthatjustshouldnotbepushed.Wanttostayouttill2amdancing,tagging,orjustchillin',finebutdon'triskwalkingdowndarkcorridorsordrinkingoutofbotellasdestapadas.

#5. kids become fussy and/or whiny after they start to feel better from being sick


Robbers of cultures,
monkeys and animals,
all sold out
washed out
White pages, materials

Dry weak bodies, souls, no nutrients
left in brittle bones
Brittle, falling apart
Leeches sucking for life, for meaning
to survive.

Luz pesada

Lapiz, pluma, libro Es hora de aprender, de acordar el pasado que es aceptado No lo pesado Lo que pesa en las mentes en las manos de la gente que han escrito el pasado El futuro, el presente es hora de apagar la luz de adentro.