midnight hours

I had a dream I was sleeping.
ring-ring, ring-ring
My left arm pulled from under the covers
I slammed my hand on the phone, a drawling 'hello?'


A black wave of darkness flowed over me.
It started to lean closer and closer.
I began to hear nothing but a buzz, a static connection, the sound of a light saber.
Pressure was placed on my chest-I've felt this before, I 've deliberately seeked this before.
But not now, not tonight.
I don't know how, but I'm walking oustide.
I'm in a panic, a realization of my brittle state of mind. My palms sweaty.
"why must you do this?!", she asked. "What about me and my metal health?!"

I know you're crazy but this isn't about you. It's for me. My breath shortening after every passing word, thought.

For a lingering moment, I did not know what I was searching for, until I found the one house, on the residential street, that had its lights on.
I walked up the stairs, opened the door and searched past the the small living room with no TV but a comfy brown, leather lazy-boy.
I passed another open room only lit by the room across it-a kitchen? an Office?
This 'koffice' was lit with a warm auburn glow. The long wall ahead was cut with many uncovered windows. The moonlight on the shrubs outside. I looked slightly to the left and there he was.
I sat in the chair opposite him. He seemed to be waiting for me.
His short curls were unkept but oddly had no frizz.

I need your help.
I went on and explained the ringing phone I only see and hear, the dark blanket-like wave that caused my ears to burn and my chest to heave.
I need to be admitted.

"Are you sure?," he said.
I'm sure.


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