dream on

There used to be this place on Michigan and Ohio. It's now another neon-colored clothes store for those who long to feel hip. It used to be wall-to-floor music.
Not the best music, mind you, but it was a place that spoke to my young soul.
I dreamed of working there-of opening those cardboard boxes filled with industry-made sounds, which in turn  made the 'ca-ching' sound every two weeks.
Alas, it was not meant to be.
But that place didn't leave without giving me the most memorable of self -conscious memory.
Just another day, walking towards the escalator to go to the toy/stationary section. I decided to go to the loo. Just normal business there.
I began to wash me hands when, a tall, beautiful, long-haired girl straight out of Robert Plant's dreams runs to the bathroom stall. I hear the struggle of her unzipping her pants and the slamming of her bottom hitting the seat. Then, a symphony of gas.
The cry of freedom was heard and felt and it forever changed me, the girl.


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