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everything, everything, In my mind

everything happens for a reason. We need to find out what that reason is. you can't fix anything until you fix what's already been broken.

everything that is happening to you is all caused by things you've already done. the reason: trying to be just like him. you did what he did when we lived in the south side. your doing it because you want him to be proud of you, to love you; and in away, you also did it because he didn't love you. Because he thought you were useless.
you are not.

I always wondered why we are so different when we all grew up together. Maybe because the way we each perceive the world is different; the way we choose to cope is unique to that. THAT is something that is formed. We are the way we are, and the way our brain and soul perceive is the way we react in our worlds.

We are each a time portal. Since we are walking it we can't really see where we are going. We need to see outside the box; in some else's shoes; from the outside in.

We are al…

LuMa and the mouse

little blinking red light. blinking when faced up, sleeping when left alone. little blinking red light, show me the way to your home, the the place in which you rome, when you are placed down. little blinking red light, i am banging you out, bang! paz! bolas! andale, come out. little blinking red light, I'll get you out somehow. *sigh*

everytimeidie (unknown date in my ears youth)

it was great. front row. behind very sweaty,screaming, boys and girls.

El Mercado, todo tipo de olores

2008: Can you smell it?
2008: The path to the well. Where you can bathe, wash, and watch others do the same.


adj. amer. Chiflado, que ha perdido la chaveta:
está deschavetado por ella. per

Y yo, estoy deschavetada por la camara, el imagen, spanglish, dreams, letras and memori-a.

Conchita, the dodge that could

The Yoshi in the sky...or The Yoshi on conchita's roof.

2008: mi abue lavando un trapo. because there's nothing much to do.